Change-Danger or Opportunity

Transformational Life Skills are not about fixing what is broken or learning to manage the day-to-day of life better, they are about freeing yourself from the constraints of the past and creating the future of your dreams.  Most people think of life skills as money management, time management, daily living skills as well as the abilities necessary to get and keep a job. All of these are important however; they are not transformational they are the basic skills for living.  Transformational life skills apply everyday in every way and take you into a future on the edge of your imagination. They require a systems level change in your thinking and beliefs.  Transformational life skills alter who you are, what you believe and how you act with the least amount of effort.  They literally transform your life. 
There are four transformational skills:
  1.     Letting Go
  2.     Imagineering
  3.     Mindfulness
  4.     Healthy Self-evaluation

The Chinese use a symbol for change that is a combination of danger and opportunity.  Before beginning to implement the Transformational Life Skills, it can be extremely helpful to lay the foundation for change by analyzing your views about change.  Do you view change as dangerous or for you is it more of an opportunity? 

Examining how you may see change as a losing proposition may help you shift towards viewing it as an opportunity. Think about each of the following in light of a recent or upcoming change- who or how might each of the losses best be managed.
  • Economic
  • Status/Reputation/Influence
  • Creativity
  • Turf/ Physical, authoritative
  • Attachment (People/relationships)
  • Structure/Routine
  • Meaning
  • Control
  • Future Dreams
Once you understand the complexity of the change you can better prepare yourself for change.
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