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Questions to Encourage Character

Do you want to grow responsible, independent, caring individuals? Each interaction you have with a child is an opportunity to build internal strength and develop life skills. Asking questions rather than making statements plants the seeds for healthy character traits to grow within children.  When a child is exhibiting a trait you wish to encourage take advantage by helping them self-reflect. Use a sincere tone to convey your intent. A simple way to remember is “Ask - Don’t Tell!”
What to ask To encourage Instead of saying ·How hard did you try? ·Was this your best work? ·Did you give yourself credit for your efforts? ·When it was hard what did you do? Hard Work / Perseverance ·You tried really hard on that. ·You never gave up, even when it was hard. ·I can tell you tried your very best. ·Do you think you can do it? ·How smart are you? ·Are you smart enough to figure this out for yourself? ·What will it take for you to be able to do this …on your own? A “can do” attitude. ·You have such a p…