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Just Write It!

Many of you have asked me about writing a book.My answer is simple; if you want to write a book just write it.Books, articles and everything else you do begin as an inspiration within.Inspiration is a calling of your spirit to move in the direction of fulfillment of your purpose.When you read a quote, listen to a speaker, see something around you that calls to your inner spirit sit down and begin by vomiting on the page, or creating a mindmap.

Yes, I said vomiting.When I teach business writing for SkillPath one of the two ways to increase your speed in writing is to freewrite.Freewriting is vomiting on the page, uncontrolled thoughts spewing from your mind onto the page.This is even easier if first you created a mindmap or cognitive web. A mindmap allows your ideas to flow freely in a right brain fashion onto paper.Use colors pictures and other graphical symbols to let your thinking come alive.(An excellent resource for those of you not familiar with mindmapping is Michael Gelb’s book…

Events vs. Experiences

"How do I learn to ignore the reality of the world around me?"  This question was posed to me this weekend at a session on Creating Well-BEing by Crowding Out Stress.

My answer-

First recognize that "reality" is unique to each individual.  You and I can be in the same room listening, to the same message, watching the same show and walk away with two distinctive experiences.   Why?  Because, we each walk into the room with two different personal histories, two different references for what we want at this moment--I maybe wanting time to explore my inner thoughts while you want to share your thinking with another, or perhaps one of us wants to be open minded and the other has come with an opinion to voice, etc.--and we process the message in two different ways.  Even more interesting is the idea that if you or I were listening or watching on a different day, we world hear and see the same message (reality) differently. 

Once you recognize that "reality" i…

This Moment

The Fourth of July happens to be my favorite holiday.  I love the whole idea of celebrating our liberty and freedom it always reminds me of all I have to be thankful for in my life.

I love it all: the sounds-the kabooms, crackles and whistles; the smell of BBQ and sulfur; the explosion of color; the feel of the hot sun of the day and the cool breeze of the evening; the taste of potato salad, black bean and corn salsa, brats and backed beans;  most of all I love the time I spend with my two sons. 

As my sons Wesley and Duncan join me at the lake I try to take time to savor every moment.  I try to set aside everything else and be totally in this moment.  I recognize that each moment is a gift to be savored and shared with those we love, the nature that surrounds us and the health we enjoy.  Sitting and watching a movie, drinking root beer floats and cleaning fish all become precious moments.

Being mindful of this moment is worth celebrating 24/7.