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Thirty in Thirty

I actually had my last post ready two days ago. I was busy enjoying the wonderful weather,  I had just returned from a conference and finally arrived at the lake by 4:30 a.m. just as the sun was coming up. I knew my boys would be here this weekend  so I took advantage of the quiet before the 4th. As I was heading in to post my final blog in the series my grandson arrived.  He became the center of attention and the day slipped away.

For me this challenge has taught me a lot about myself and my writing process.  I've learned that I can write everyday but feel like a photographer who takes hundreds of shots to find one that is worth sharing.  I may go back and have already done some, rewriting on the blogs.  I once heard a speaker tell the audience - we are all re-writers. A few will become articles on, and I may use bits and pieces in future works.

The experience of thinking deeply about what has influenced my thinking was interesting.  What I originally thought in many c…

Challenge Day #30

A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems
As my last post in this 30 in 30 challenge I decided I would write about one of my own books.  The first book I wrote entirely on my own.  If you’ve read my other blogs you understand why I would consider it a major influence in my life.  As a child I didn’t like reading and writing.  The only writing I enjoyed was poetry and I was never given any support in writing- it was all about spelling and grammar which are not my strengths.  Freshman composition was a nightmare.  When I asked “How can I improve this?” my professor repeatedly replied “I just wouldn’t have done it this way.”  Not once in the entire course did I get any feedback that improved my writing.  I did go to the university writing lab to be sure I was doing everything I could.  The idea that I had written an entire book that was being published was a major hurdle.
The first time I ever thought of myself as a writer was the day I was sitting in the local McDonalds opening a …