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Building Relationships

In professional learning sessions I often ask "With whom are you in a relationships - that you don't talk with on a regular basis?  Texting, emailing, and instant messaging don't count."   Participants resounding answer, "No one!"  That's because strong relationships require more than written communication. Creating time and space for conversations is at the heart of building relationships. Let's check it out.

Recently this was posted on my Facebook page - (The answer are mine)

Let's take a break from life and learn about each other. Copy and paste and answer the questions for yourself.
Are your named after some one? NoWhen was the last time you cried? Last night when I was laughing so hard that I teared up.Do you like your handwriting? No- I prefer to type What is your favorite lunch meat? BraunschweigerDo you have children? Yes - two boys and a grandsonDo you use sarcasm? Unfortunately sometimes. Do you have your tonsils? NoWould you bungee ju…