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You are Your Mind

Lately I have heard several speakers talk about your mind as if "it" is not a part of you.  They spoke about IT as being out of control, full of unwanted or unnecessary information, an underused or over attended entity.  As I listened I wondered why they were speaking about your mind as if it wasn't an integral part of who you are, as if it was a separate thing and should be treated like a friend or even worse an enemy.

I wanted to scream... "You are your mind and it is you."  Just as each part of you is you and you are it. You are not a robot that has replaceable parts.  Yes I know medical science has come a long way in being able to replace hips, knees, hearts, kidneys and other vital parts but they become part of you.  In fact one of the issues facing organ recipients is their bodies rejection of the new/foreign organ. Some claim not only better health but along with the new organ came preferences and characteristics of the donor. Candace Pert, internationa…

Turning Your Mind from a Garbage Dump to a Garden

"Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe." C.JoyBellC.
Becoming open-minded creates room for clear thinking allowing you to move forward with ease.  In the movie, The Secret Mike Dooley states "Thoughts become things."  Wouldn't it be great if each thought you have were the best thought you could be thinking. This means clearing out the clutter in your mind.  Just as you may take time twice a year to deep clean your living space take time to deep clean your mind. One way to start this process of turning your mind from a garbage dump to a fertile garden where beautiful thoughts can grow is to examine your core beliefs.

First, brainstorm a list of beliefs in one/all of the following areas: self, health, wealth/abundance, relationships/connection, intellect/learning, spirituality.  Write quickly, quantity is more important here than quality, just get them down. 

Now go back and examine each one carefully.  Then mark a K for Keep next to any belief/th…

Change-Danger or Opportunity

Transformational Life Skills are not about fixing what is broken or learning to manage the day-to-day of life better, they are about freeing yourself from the constraints of the past and creating the future of your dreams.  Most people think of life skills as money management, time management, daily living skills as well as the abilities necessary to get and keep a job. All of these are important however; they are not transformational they are the basic skills for living.  Transformational life skills apply everyday in every way and take you into a future on the edge of your imagination. They require a systems level change in your thinking and beliefs.  Transformational life skills alter who you are, what you believe and how you act with the least amount of effort.  They literally transform your life.  There are four transformational skills:     Letting Go    Imagineering    Mindfulness    Healthy Self-evaluation
The Chinese use a symbol for change that is a combination of danger and …