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Forgiving Others an Inside Job

Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher wrote, “The world is won by those who let go!” Become a winner by letting go of the past and taking back your power through forgiveness. Tending your emotional and soulful wounds is important but true healing begins the moment you forgive. 

Have you made mistakes?  It can be helpful to remember everyone has, especially when you have been the recipient of someone else’s mistake.  Are you allowing the mistakes of another to weigh you down?   After all, you are the one carrying the burden of their words and actions.  You do not need to forget the lesson(s) you learned, and you do not need to condone what they said or did. You do need to let go and heal the wound. 
Take a deep breath and center yourself by relaxing any tension you feel in your body.Recognize that pain is weakness leaving the body and be willing to sit with the unpleasantness, just as you might sit with a friend who is experiencing a loss.Place your internal judge in his/her chambers…