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Navigating the Levels

Learning and understanding the levels of perception can help you reduce stress, get better results at work, create stronger relationships and become a more effective educator, mentor, parent and boss.  First a few basics – the levels or perception are a collection of references you have, they are your own personal library of how you like the world. I think of the levels like the neural connections in the brain – a bunch of things all wired together.  They are formed from the lowest level (most basic) to the highest level (most complex). Each higher level is developed by combining different perceptions from the levels below.  For example the color red, a somewhat round shape, a stem at the top, a dimple at the bottom, may be combined to become “apple,” at a higher level.  Learning is about creating and connecting the lower levels and moving your way up.  Think of learning math.  You learn to understand what the symbol “5” represents - later you learn that 5+5 =10 then you are taught t…