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Welcome Gulliver

I am very pleased that Gulliver Schools in Miami will be piloting an online book study for my latest Ebook Creating Well-BEing.  (

"Trying to balance home, work, relationships, personal growth and other interest isn't easy.  The first step in the process is to realize that you have only 24 hours in a day.  The second is to let go of the idea that balance means that all things receive equal attention.  That's not the case. Balance is about harmony."

Find time this summer to set the tone for harmony in you life!

The Lesson of Self Love

When you squeeze an orange what do you get? It's easy - you get orange juice.  When squeeze a  lime you get lime juice and if you squeeze a lemon you get lemon juice.  So what happens when you get squeezed, when you feel you are under pressure?  What you get is what is inside of you.  How you see yourself shows in how you treat others.  
If you see yourself as loving, and capable, that will be how you treat others. If you believe you are worthy, confident, self assured- it shows in your thoughts and actions towards others. When you see yourself in a loving way, you have nothing but love to extend outward.  It's what's inside of you- it is all you have to give. 
The more you love yourself the greater your reverence for all life.  Unconditional love and respect for all is a gift that starts within.  The more you show love towards yourself the more love you can show others and you will easily let go of blame, shame, criticism, fault finding, and negative thinking.  How much …

The Gift of Receiving

How good are you at receiving gifts, even the gift of a compliment?  There are few people capable of receiving, even when the gift is given with love and a generosity of spirit.

When someone tries to give you something you may think "I'm capable of getting this on my own. This person doesn't think I'm capable."  Maybe you think "They will want this back someday and I'm not sure I can ever repay their kindness." Perhaps you feel unworthy, or undeserving to be treated with love and kindness.  Shifting your thinking about receiving can be a great benefit to all.

The person giving is doing so out of a need to give, to make a difference in the lives of others and to show their appreciation for all they have and are grateful for.  The receiver is also giving, they are giving the gift of receiving.  Gracious acceptance allows for all involved to gain from the experience.

A small act of kindness can bring joy to both the giver, the receiver and all in the …

Setting the Tone for Living Full Circle

In teaching and writing the opening and closing are the most important, so it is with your day. The first thought you have in the morning and the first actions you take set the tone for the rest of your day.

What is the first thought you have each morning?  For me it is often - "Oh this bed feels soooo good!"  Starting your day with a good thought begins the creation of a good day.  Louise Hay, one of my favorite authors, recommends that after being grateful for a good nights sleep the next step is to stand in front of the mirror and with sincerity say "__(Name)___, I really love you." I often begin with reading a chapter in a book that is uplifting or spiritual. Sometimes I just lay there and set my intention by saying "Today, I intend desire and graciously accept that __________."  No matter your morning ritual remember you are beginning the creation process for the rest of your day.

Just as the morning sets the tone for your waking hours, your night t…


Today I found out that one of my hero's- teachers- mentors passed.  He had been on my mind for weeks now and I just didn't take the time to reach out and connect.  
William Powers was the originator of Perceptual Control Theory, the theory of living systems that has changed the way I live, the way I think and how I perceive the actions of others.  His work has touched thousands around the world and will leave a legacy for many years to come. 
He taught me how no question is ever too simple when asked with the intent to learn.  His ability to practice and model everything he believed, and taught was a gift he gave to everyone he met.  I will miss him.
This year I have attempted to write to someone from my past I hope you do the same.  I believe that when you have a strong positive thought about someone reach out and stay in touch. 

The Chase

Today as I was walking I saw one squirrel in hot pursuit of another.  I giggled to myself as they ran around and around.  As I approached them the lead squirrel stopped about four feet in front of me.  Here was the opportunity for the second squirrel to catch the first.

As I watched with anticipation the second stopped the same distance behind the first that he had been maintaining all along.  After a short pause and a stare down with me the first took off and the chase was back on.

What a wonderful illustration of how the journey, the chase the pursuit of the goal is where the fun is to be had.  Some of us, just like the squirrel will pause when the goal is in sight and create a still farther goal to reach, so we can enjoy the chase.

The Gift of Time

Summer is a magnificent time to give your child the gift of - undivided attention.  When I walk everyday I watch families spending time with their children while totally ignoring them.  Being outside watching your child ride their bike while you talk on the phone isn't really being with your child.  Going to a Saturday matinee and spending the entire movie texting isn't being with your child.  Standing talking with a neighbor while your child is creating a spectacular chalk drawing isn't being with your child. 

If everyday you would take 20 minutes to really be present with your child you can give them the gift of 140 minutes of love a week. For children undivided attention equals unconditional love. How great would it be to gift your child 7,280 minutes a year, and 131,040 minutes by the time they graduate high school?  If you took time to create something as precious as a child take time to enjoy every minute possible of your wonderful creation.