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Parenting 101

I recently shared some parenting tips on my blogtalkradio show (Radio Show).  I recommended a book for new parents The Wonder Weeks by Frans Plooij (Wonder Weeks). This book is especially helpful for new parents during the first 18 months of a child's life.  Below are a few of the tips I shared.

The first tip is to go to your inner space and clearly define who you want to be as a parent.  Create a "to-be" list of the parent you want to be.  If you are parenting in partnership together you need to come to consensus about your role as parents.  You also will want to decide if one person believes the other isn't living the agreement how you will manage the situation before it occurs.

The second tip was to develop a three level foundation:
Establish Bottom Lines - these are the non-negotiables often related to safety with a clear procedure to follow should anyone cross the bottom line. Example- wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle.

My Job/Your Job - A four quadrant diagra…

Stepping Away

Why does it often take a crisis to bring you face to face with the big questions in life? Who am I?What am I meant to do with my life?What is life really all about?Often when you feel you are in crisis you seek evidence that you are a good person that you are becoming everything you can be. You become more reflective, relying on your stored courage and chipping away your ego to the core of your being, seeking your purpose. You want to make sense of your life. You ask yourself, “what is life really all about and how do I fit in?”
When you are in the midst of a crisis, you feel as if you are in a dense fog. You can barely see your own hand in front of your face. You are seeking a way out to a clearer understanding a visible path. You want to feel safe.
When you finally surrender, you realize that in the stillness of the fog, with nothing else to distract you, you can hear a small voice inside you. If you pay attention and trust your inner calling, you will be lead out of the fog. This voi…

The IT Factor

When you find yourself entangled in a situation or a perceived problem your perspective maybe twisted and tangled.  Finding a way to detangle the situation involves the “IT Factor”.  When my long hair tangles and becomes full of snarls, if I yank, tug and pull on it, clumps of healthy hair come out. The process is painful and I lose something I value.  When you struggle with a problem, you often expend a lot of energy and destroy something that was healthy or pay a big price to resolve it.  The trick is to be gentle and move slowly applying the it factor

At first, you may feel as if you are in it. You are the problem and it is you. You maybe allowing yourself to be physically/emotionally caught up in the situation. To begin to untangle yourself, you need to recognize it!   When you accept and validate that, you are struggling with something you can become clearer. You then can identify  both what the struggle is about and why you are struggling. Giving something a label or a descr…