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Full Disclosure - Blog Relay

As a track coach in Junction City I learned that the precision of passing the baton in a relay race is often the difference between winning or losing the race. Watching the young women practice the handoff taught me the value of team work and the art of relying on your team mates. I often rely on my friends to provide insight and support as I travel my race through this earthly journey. When Kelli Spencer asked me to be part of a blogging relay I immediately said “Yes!” For me it was an opportunity to be part of a team and to pass the baton onto others.
Kelli is an amazing individual who taps into nature, angels and people to help others restore their natural state of well-being. I met her through a mutual friend, Twyla as we participated in a book club for several years. Today Kelli has her own blog; she is working on a book and enjoying ever minute of her home in the country. I turn to her blog when I find myself asking “What the heck is going on?” …